Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You

Crossfit. Beast mode. Warrior Series. Mud Runs. Iron Man triathlons. We’re a generation of Pain is Glory. Of pushing limits, many of which are totally arbitrary. Just about everyone I know has run some kind of road race. Many of my friends are multi-time ½ and full marathoners. Our X Games legacy. Our desire to... Continue Reading →


Young, Scrappy, & Hungry

Sometimes I wish my handwriting, my voice, or my laughter could precede me into a room. These are the stylistic traits of myself with which I am the most free. I will gladly pen something, speak up, or let loose a chortle without second-guessing myself. My wardrobe is a different story. Recently I’ve taken to... Continue Reading →

Settle down, Robin Hood. You have to pay the doctors.

Healthcare is NOT a right. It’s too expensive to be guaranteed. Medical professionals have extensive schooling and loans to pay back. They have malpractice insurance to pay for. And they self-select what specialties they’ll pursue and some specialties are more abundant than others. Litigators drive up insurance rates with malpractice lawsuits that hold medical professionals... Continue Reading →

We can’t be “Again” what we never were

I don’t think anyone really disagrees with Make America Great. I was raised in the Cold War 80s and we were fed patriotism like fluoride-laced water. To a one, my GenX friends are all fiercely patriotic. We’ve dutifully served in the military, thanked soldiers for their service, and gotten teary-eyed at post-deployment reunions. We’ve given... Continue Reading →

Binge Without Shame

What normally follows a binge is regret. What did I say? What did I do? Did I offend anyone? Did I smoke cigarettes? Fuck up any important relationships? Two weeks ago, Charlie and I played golf on a Friday morning and had our neighbors over that afternoon. On Saturday I thought, “Did they all know... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let My Vote Hurt Your Feelings

Because, really, that's all that's at stake here. I don’t hate Hillary and I’m not voting against her. We really needed her once. We needed her in 2004 when the Bush administration was fucking everything all to hell. The Great Recession wasn’t even a twinkle in Wall Street’s eye but the deregulation of mortgage investing was... Continue Reading →

That River Phoenix Feeling

This was written some time ago but not posted. After Prince and the Beastie Boys' John Berry died, I was reminded of this post and thought to finally share it.  I’ll admit I didn’t know who it was when I saw the news about Scott Weyland. The name was familiar but I didn’t attach it... Continue Reading →

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