Walking a Writer’s Plank

I’ve never written about abortion or the death penalty. When I was an English instructor in the community college, I banned the topics from argumentative essays. They were too personal. Too faith-based. Too emotional.

Now I’ve written about both within a week.

The first, an indictment of our South Carolina Statehouse for playing political theatre with an important topic, was shared across the South Carolina Libertarian Party (SCLP) social channels and drew tremendous fire. Fortunately, I’m not the one who has to read the comments. Or respond to them.

The second, a look at the hypocrisy that would enable the same legislators to one week “protect life” by banning abortion and the next week put in a fast lane to capital punishment by changing the default mode of execution to circumvent supply chain issues with lethal injection drugs, just went up.

So we’ll see.

My State Party Chair requested both blogs. I’m the Communications person and I’m supposed to write this stuff. I’m glad to write about education mis-reform, Black Lives Matter haters being on the wrong side of history, and the blatant sexism that people willfully ignore. I’ve taken a few turns at incendiary positions. All of them consistent with the Party and supported by the Party’s leadership.

These are not my personal perspectives though my name is on the top of the entry.

Were they mine, they’d be here on the blog with my NAME in the url.

Still, there’s something both freeing and terrifying about taking a stand. About making the case. About calling our legislators (and Governor) hypocrites. About getting read.

While part of me is in that “I am who I am” Mid Life Crisis stage I shared with my friend Jackie Capers-Brown on her podcast (hear it here), part of me is still that college kid whose dad told her employers would care if she sported a Budweiser logo on her graduation cap: Who’s looking? What do they think? What are the consequences?

But I don’t write what I don’t believe.

And there are plenty of people out there whose opinions suck who can’t help posting-sharing-commenting them like they’re Bullhorn Bob on the Statehouse steps. So why not use the platform the Party has to advance the ideas of the party? Why not sign my name to the ideals of the Party I support?

Even if my ducking the social media firestorm does feel like lighting a fire and running away.

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