Short Stories

Cover Up

Ahead of my 20th high school reunion in 2015, I went to the tattoo salon to have the Hobbes-with-a-crew-oar I’d gotten when I was 18 touched up. This story is about that and the real artist, Adam, has tatted me six times since. Carrie McCray Award, 2016.

For the Win

From 2016 until this day, I have been awed by the ambition of our Clemson Tigers football team. This story is about a rock band having a similar uncontrollable urge and how ambitious women are sometimes left to pursue their goals alone. (link) The Showbear Family Circus, July 2020

The Shower

True story? Kind of. Like most fiction, the 2021 Broad River Award winner “The Shower” started with some real stuff and then exaggerated and dramatized to make a good story. Fall Lines, 2021 (link)

Featured on Short Story Today podcast

Thanks to Jon DeSavino and Short Story Today for featuring “Two Trunks” originally published in Spry Literary Journal. Take a listen.

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