Hey, white people, #TakeAKnee. This is a coachable moment.

It’s hard work. The bottom line about addressing racism in this country is that it’s hard work. We have to be willing to listen. We have to try to be empathetic. We have to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. And that’s hard. Most of us spend the better part of the day comfortably in... Continue Reading →


“Healthcare is a right” and other stupid shit people say at town hall meetings

Senator Graham had a room full of people who didn’t vote for him on Saturday, March 25th, in Columbia. He asked early-on how many people were Democrats. He made a prepared statement and then he listened to questions read off cards people had submitted while waiting in line to enter. Lots of concern around Russia: […]

Don’t Let My Vote Hurt Your Feelings

Because, really, that's all that's at stake here. I don’t hate Hillary and I’m not voting against her. We really needed her once. We needed her in 2004 when the Bush administration was fucking everything all to hell. The Great Recession wasn’t even a twinkle in Wall Street’s eye but the deregulation of mortgage investing was... Continue Reading →

That River Phoenix Feeling

This was written some time ago but not posted. After Prince and the Beastie Boys' John Berry died, I was reminded of this post and thought to finally share it.  I’ll admit I didn’t know who it was when I saw the news about Scott Weyland. The name was familiar but I didn’t attach it... Continue Reading →

The Agent Rejection

I’m about to begin querying my GenX novel After December to a small press. I made the decision over the weekend after considering, again, the response I received from an agent last spring. Agent: Nobody wants to read about the 90’s. It’s too recent to be considered historic and too long ago to be considered... Continue Reading →

20th Reunion

The consensus at our 20-year high school reunion seemed to be that none of us really feel like adults. We all feel like we’re adulting, like it’s some kind of game we’re in or role we’ve got. This from a real estate attorney, a police officer, and two people who own their own companies. We... Continue Reading →

GenX Friendships

I consider myself the kind of friend who values loyalty above all else. As a middle child, I was used to compromising and my two best friends were only children, whose fierce loyalty to me I returned in kind. And I extend that loyalty to others. To eldest siblings who boss me around and youngest... Continue Reading →

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