60 Shots of Beer in 1 Hour

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Power Hour: one shot of beer every minute for an hour. Six beers in one hour. A toast for every shot. It’s juvenile, but gets you hammered. Tony and I sat on a dorm room floor at Radford University. Erica, a girl Tony knew who graduated the year before us, invited him down. I’d tagged along to wing man.

“Traditional first toast,” I said, “To brothers.”

We clinked the shot glasses. Tony’s bore a Disneyworld logo and mine had a Redskins helmet. We took them from the shelf over the desk where they sat beside a snow globe from Philadelphia and a stuffed teddy bear holding a black rose.

Fifty-eight seconds later: “To road trips.”


Another minute passed: “To college parties.”


Another minute passed: “To knowing what’s yours.”


Another minute: “To knowing what’s waiting for you at home.”


“You mean that?” Tony asked.

“I do.”

“You and Kacie?”

I shrugged. “I love her.”

“San Francisco is far away.” 

I had been accepted to Cal State and would be leaving in the Fall. Everyone knew I was going but no one knew what it would do to me. To us. I just knew I wanted out of Northern Virginia.

“To getting out.”


Tony dropped his head back on the loveseat he leaned against. “Shit. What a night.” 

Neither Budweiser nor Disney gave permission for this photo. But these are my things. I took it. — KW

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