Takeaways from the SCWW Conference

I know getting a bunch of writers together to talk about craft and ambition sounds utterly painful but it was really a lot of fun. Here are a few key takeaways from the South Carolina Writers’ Workshop conference last weekend: Your work is original. For all the people there in the same genre or with... Continue Reading →


On Fate, Destiny, and Determinism

We have a guest post today, submitted by Blue Francis Hastings, Earl of Huntingdon and narrator of Seduction of an Innocent, my second novel. Leave comments and questions for Blue below. I was restless in Vegas. That’s why I started reading. I lifted a worn copy of Atlas Shrugged from under the bar at Sabrina’s.... Continue Reading →

Brian Listo talks about Barcelona

An Interview with Brian Listo, author of Another Long December: Stories and narrator of A Moment When the World is Silent, my first novel. Leave comments and questions for Brian below. Kasie Whitener (KW): Tell me about Barcelona. Brian Listo (BL): What do you want to know? KW: After Tony died, after Kacie gave up... Continue Reading →

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