Before Pittsburgh

“…right now, all I can feel is the distance. From everything.”

Cover design by Michelle Williams Designs

Tony is dead and Brian’s world has unraveled. He starts counting the days in Barcelona: barfights and threesomes. The months in San Francisco: short stories and a new romance. The seasons in Tucson, Nashville, Manila, and Seattle: The Crew growing up and apart. Three years unfold between before-Tony-died and after. Brian thinks he has finally left Virginia and its ghosts behind.

Then September 11th brings time to a standstill and Brian faces a new devastation.

With so much work to be done Before Pittsburgh, Brian’s world expands in unexpected ways but he is haunted by patterns of loss, redemption, and mourning. Can he earn his place in the lives of the people he loves? Or will he remain disconnected, unforgiven, and alone?

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We had a great tour of some bookstagrammer influencer people. They loved the book! Thanks to Loves Books Tours for organizing it and Chrysalis Press for making it happen.