She’s Just So X

I’m Kasie Whitener: Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, Libertarian. Mom, Wife, Runner, Swimmer, continuous improvement junky. Fan of cheesy sports movies, hard rock, football, cheeseburgers, craft beer, and golf. We happy hour on my driveway every Friday. You should stop by. Seriously.

#latchkeykid #NotQuiteOverThe90sKasieW

I have a writer’s platform. Really. I tweet and Facebook and pin and insta. All that jazz. I host #WriteOnSC every Saturday morning on 100.7 The Point and We’ve had some super cool guests. Check out the episode show notes here. I also host the weekly tweet chat for writers #wschat on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. EST.

This site is for my GenX fiction. Here you’ll find some commentary on the ignored generation as well as short stories, novel excerpts, and writing process essays, all of which have a distinct GenX voice. To read some more about the GenX voice in literature try these links: GenX Has a Midlife Crisis and GenX The Ignored Generation

My masters thesis was written on Naked Realism, a GenX voice. As we’re growing older, being parents, being politically active, staking a financial claim in the economy, and challenging the generation before us to finally take some fucking responsibility and the generation behind us to stop whining and grow the fuck up, GenX needs voices. I’m one.

The professional stuff:

My business, Clemson Road Creative, has a blog here. Clemson Road Creative is a management consulting firm specializing in remote work environments and process documentation. We have an Academy wherein we teach consultants how to run their businesses. We also dabble in software implementation methodology. Like a hobby for which we get paid. I’ve led 1 Million Cups, a community for entrepreneurs, and I teach entrepreneurship at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. Cuz we can’t all be Tigers and Momma said someone’s got to teach them chickens. Find me on LinkedIn here.

Some accolades:

2021 Fresh Voices in the Humanities by SC Humanities and the Governor

2021 Broad River Prize for Prose by The Jasper Project and Fall Lines Literary Convergence

2021 Hal Bernard Memorial Prize for Novel third place award for unpublished novel Being Blue

2021 Honorable Mention New York Book Festival for Before Pittsburgh

2021 Honorable Mention Hollywood Book Festival for Before Pittsburgh

2016 Carrie McCray Award for “Cover-Up” a short story you can download here: coverup_tpr_2016.

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