About Unapologetically X

I’m Kasie Whitener, PhD: Writer, runner, educator, mommy, wife, fan of cheesy sports movies and 90’s rock, football nut and continuous improvement junky.

I have a platform. Really. I tweet and Facebook and pin and all that jazz. You can find my true stories at Life on Clemson Road here. It’s family, work, running, and generally me. My business, Clemson Road Creative, has a blog here. I’m a consultant in the fields of learning and development and business process design.

Then there’s this platform for my GenX fiction. Here you’ll find some commentary on the ignored generation as well as short stories, novel excerpts, and writing process essays, all of which have a distinct GenX voice. To read some more about the GenX voice in literature try these links:

GenX Has a Midlife Crisis

GenX The Ignored Generation

My masters thesis was written on Naked Realism, a GenX voice. As we’re growing older, becoming parents, becoming politically active, staking a financial claim in the economy, and challenging the generation before us and the generation behind us to stop ignoring us, GenX needs voices. Here’s one.


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