Contest Submission In

I submitted and entry to the Arcadia Magazine chapbook contest. It's called Derecho and here's a sneak peek:Derecho: from the Spanish dietro, to destroy; a land-based windstorm producing hurricane-caliber winds; a warm-weather phenomenon spawned by instability.The compilation is four stories, 47 pages long. It works chronologically from Friday night until Sunday mid-day. My beta readers, Preston... Continue Reading →


Revising the Past

In a short story I wrote about the last night I lived in my parents’ house before moving to Clemson, I described an encounter with a guy. He is recognizable to almost anyone who was there that night but those people don’t read my work.Most of them don’t anyway.He almost became more. He almost became... Continue Reading →

Submit-O-Rama Week 3

I know, it’s almost the end of Week 4, but I got some much-needed feedback on my Week 3 submissions and needed a few extra days to revise before completing the submissions. For more on Submit-O-Rama, click here. Here they are: Gordon Finch’s Miracle Gordon Finch follows the same routine so that when the miracle... Continue Reading →

Submit-O-Rama Week 1

I did it. I sent three stories, "First Time," "Packing," and "Daylight." First Time Winkie and Tommy have come to the hillside overlook to lose their virginity. But a derecho sweeps the mountain and derails their plans. Favorite part: Tommy took a deep breath. When he shoved himself inside of her she gasped. Something broke.... Continue Reading →

Short Story Challenge Update

All right, short story writers. The first seven months of our Short Story Challenge 2013 have come and gone. The goal was 13 stories completed in 2013. Here’s my count: These stories are “New & Need Edits”: First Time Packing Boston God Called Daylight At the Fair These are the “Old & Revised”: Run or... Continue Reading →


Telling this story was a response to Maroon 5's song Daylight. I've changed *most* of the names. But like Anne Lamott says, "Tell your stories. If people wanted you to say nice things about them they should have behaved better." __________________________________________________ I could barely breathe when Tuesday ended. The house had been full of people.... Continue Reading →


The sun is peeking through the heavy hotel curtains when Ellen Hayes wakes this morning. Not like yesterday. Yesterday was race day and the alarm had barely beeped when she’d slammed it off and sat up in the darkness of pre-dawn. Today the sun is already warming the windows and the street below. She stares... Continue Reading →


The Just Write Short Story Challenge of 2013 continues with this offering. I broke my own rule and edited one I'd drafted some time ago. I think it's appropriate, though, since my friend who inspired the story has now returned from Liberia. Your comments are appreciated. Please let me know what you think. _________________________________________________________ "Packing"... Continue Reading →

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