Submit-O-Rama Week 3

I know, it’s almost the end of Week 4, but I got some much-needed feedback on my Week 3 submissions and needed a few extra days to revise before completing the submissions. For more on Submit-O-Rama, click here. Here they are: Gordon Finch’s Miracle Gordon Finch follows the same routine so that when the miracle... Continue Reading →


Week 2 Submit-O-Rama in the books!

So I’ve done it. With a little help from my friend Jodie Smith over at The Queendom, I’ve gotten three more stories ready for submission and sent them off into the literary universe.Here are the selections and the magazines to which they were sent:Run or BleedWhen the evidence of failure shows up again, Amy does... Continue Reading →

Submit-O-Rama Week 1

I did it. I sent three stories, "First Time," "Packing," and "Daylight." First Time Winkie and Tommy have come to the hillside overlook to lose their virginity. But a derecho sweeps the mountain and derails their plans. Favorite part: Tommy took a deep breath. When he shoved himself inside of her she gasped. Something broke.... Continue Reading →

Let Submit-O-Rama Begin!

I started 2013 with the goal of having enough polished work to really participate in Khara House's October Submit-O-Rama. The rules state three submissions per week, which is 15 pieces (five weeks X three submissions).As you know, the 2013 Short Story Challenge went well and I have 13 stories but only 9 of them are... Continue Reading →

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