Obligatory End-of-Year Post

Last year I set some numbers goals for my writing life. I wanted to submit every week, edit one major work per month, and write every day. The sheer volume of the work, I thought, would produce results. The hardest of those goals to achieve was to write every day. In fact, when NaNoWriMo came... Continue Reading →


Choose to Work

Remarks made at Fast Trac Graduation at Midlands Technical College 6/23/2018 It’s a pleasure to be here with you and an honor to speak to you today. I’m sorry I can’t stay for the entire event, I promised my daughter we’d work on her diving and flip turns today. Choosing to be with her is... Continue Reading →

Hashtag Hijacked, Debate Pivots

It started when someone hijacked a hashtag. The trending topic was a kid named #AlfieEvans and he’d just died in the UK because doctors had advised no more treatment for a terminal case. Despite the lengths to which Italian doctors and the Italian government were willing to go to admit this small child to further... Continue Reading →

Sillouette and Other Faceplants

Mistakes are like celebrity deaths. They often come in threes. In what turned out to be a ridiculous failure, I competed in a spelling bee for charity recently. My teammates are good friends, their daughter and I were at Clemson together and we see them frequently during football season. We have another common friend who... Continue Reading →

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You

Crossfit. Beast mode. Warrior Series. Mud Runs. Iron Man triathlons. We’re a generation of Pain is Glory. Of pushing limits, many of which are totally arbitrary. Just about everyone I know has run some kind of road race. Many of my friends are multi-time ½ and full marathoners. Our X Games legacy. Our desire to... Continue Reading →

Young, Scrappy, & Hungry

Sometimes I wish my handwriting, my voice, or my laughter could precede me into a room. These are the stylistic traits of myself with which I am the most free. I will gladly pen something, speak up, or let loose a chortle without second-guessing myself. My wardrobe is a different story. Recently I’ve taken to... Continue Reading →

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