Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away, Now

It’s been a while, I know, since I went Out of Office and tried to do some critical thinking about just what the fuck UnapologeticallyX is supposed to be doing.

Because here’s the thing: it’s supposed to be growing. And we grow with more content.

And I swear to God I’ve created more fucking content this summer than I ever have in my entire life. And none of it has gotten me paid. Not a single piece. Yet.

But here it all is, like a roundup of Kasie’s ridiculous productivity during COVID:

I’ve been blogging for the South Carolina Libertarian Party. Snark and accusations and reality checks and some butt-hurt racists to show for it.

I’ve developed a YouTube show with some Libertarian moms (Melissa, Jessica, Alex) and we’re filming weekly. Then I cut, format, and upload that shit onto YouTube and the show notes onto the blog and the audio onto the Simplecast.

I’ve built bigger, better Write On SC content including the Behind the Scenes stuff on the YouTube channel and the Patreon account where we have earned TWO(!) new subscribers.

And I’ve been working on Before Pittsburgh. Which is the follow-up to After December and covers those missing three years between the last two chapters of After December. Answering questions like, “How did Brian learn to tie a bowtie?” You know, the important stuff.

Does he get fucked over? Like Kacie wanted him to? Yep. Does he go to Barcelona like he told The Crew he was going to? Yep. It’s all coming, I promise, in the 2021 release of Before Pittsburgh. And I’ve been writing it. Like a nut.

But I’ve also been looking into platforms like Wattpad – for a possible #NaNoWriMo project? And Mighty Networks – for a possible “KasieLand” community?

OH! And I wrote a textbook for Great River Learning. It’s called Practical Entrepreneurism and my students are beta testing it this semester. When it’s released in January 2021, I’ll get another butterfly tattoo.

AND my bestie and business partner Jodie Cain Smith and I wrote and published the first installment of our workplace manifesto: Redesign Work. She did the heavy lifting on that one, for real.

So, ya know, if the blogging has let you down, I’m sorry. But you can find me EVERYWHERE online right now. Everywhere but Facebook cuz them people be fuckin’ crazy.

Thanks for hanging. Cover reveal for Before Pittsburgh coming soon! Stay tuned!

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