A Commitment Ceremony for More Short Story Writing

With the 2013 Short Story Challenge, I had two goals: Write enough stories to participate in Khara House’s Submit-O-Rama in October Learn to write really good short stories As the count sits now, the first objective was met but the second is doubtful. Here’s the box score: Finished – 16 Accepted – 2 (one to... Continue Reading →



Telling this story was a response to Maroon 5's song Daylight. I've changed *most* of the names. But like Anne Lamott says, "Tell your stories. If people wanted you to say nice things about them they should have behaved better." __________________________________________________ I could barely breathe when Tuesday ended. The house had been full of people.... Continue Reading →

A Very Rare Poem

I gave up poetry in 1996. I'd written a great verse telling an ex-boyfriend that I didn't miss him (lies) and comparing him to fat men in Speedos at the beach. Then I read the verses at an open mic poetry night and when the clapping ended I walked off the stage and away from... Continue Reading →

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