The sun is peeking through the heavy hotel curtains when Ellen Hayes wakes this morning. Not like yesterday. Yesterday was race day and the alarm had barely beeped when she’d slammed it off and sat up in the darkness of pre-dawn. Today the sun is already warming the windows and the street below. She stares... Continue Reading →



The Just Write Short Story Challenge of 2013 continues with this offering. I broke my own rule and edited one I'd drafted some time ago. I think it's appropriate, though, since my friend who inspired the story has now returned from Liberia. Your comments are appreciated. Please let me know what you think. _________________________________________________________ "Packing"... Continue Reading →

A Very Rare Poem

I gave up poetry in 1996. I'd written a great verse telling an ex-boyfriend that I didn't miss him (lies) and comparing him to fat men in Speedos at the beach. Then I read the verses at an open mic poetry night and when the clapping ended I walked off the stage and away from... Continue Reading →

Short Story Challenge 2013

Moved this from the NAIWE blog since that one's going to be extinct soon. Here’s the challenge: 13 short stories in 2013 You can call it one-per-month with an extra if you want. I’ll probably pace myself that way. But the rule is a new short story counts toward the 13 but a revision of... Continue Reading →

A Moment When the World is Silent — Novel Excerpt

This is the first 3000 words of the novel I'm querying. It received a review here. It's been edited, but needs more work. Your comments are appreciated. ____________________________________________________________ Wednesday Tony is dead. He killed himself Monday night. I took my window seat. Twelve hours and thirty-two minutes since I was told, forty-five minutes since I’d... Continue Reading →

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