3 Xers Converging (in my head at least)

One of my favorite business buzzwords is Convergence. It describes the interaction of seemingly unrelated industries creating new opportunities, new markets, and new products. My favorite example is photo copiers. Copiers were traditionally leased by companies through agents that charged by usage. Introduce multi-function printers that are networked and require IT engagement and you have... Continue Reading →


Refusing to Self-Identify or Just Unaware?

Last summer I read an article that reported a survey conducted with millennials (those born between 1985 and 2000) asking them to choose which generational moniker they believed described them: The Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, or Millennials. The overwhelming majority claimed “The Greatest Generation.” I was dumbfounded. How had these morons escaped the... Continue Reading →

Star Wars on the Pole

I know I’m supposed to be excited about the new Star Wars and honestly, it was amazing. But there’s something annoying about the marketing that’s ruining it for me. It’s everywhere. The car commercial where it looks like Darth Vader leading storm troopers in a pass-and-review, the fast food commercial that looks like the pub... Continue Reading →

When your own work makes you proud

It's kind of like looking at your own kid and thinking how there's never been a prettier baby born on the planet than the one you built. It's like glancing around a really great party and realizing you're the best hostess ever because people always have a good time when they come over. Imagine listening to other people... Continue Reading →

Brian is Back

I've been trying to figure out what to do with the gap between the last two chapters of After December. Today I started "Letters from Spain," the collection of correspondence from Brian while in Spain. It's got emails he sent to Tony, his parents, Joel. It's got some notebook pages of stories he tried to... Continue Reading →

Greatness vs. Potential

The new Microsoft ad says "we all have greatness in us" but it's a lie. We do not all have greatness in us. It's the same advertising lie that claims we deserve a perfect smile, a better cup of coffee, or health care options. We do not deserve anything. Stop saying stupid shit like we all... Continue Reading →

Literally: A Rant

I’m not sure when or why it became a thing. I can’t remember if it was a spoof first or if the spoof came after. All I know if there’s some serious language abuse going on. I scowl only at the GenX’ers who do this because I think they should know better. I don’t know... Continue Reading →

The Agent Rejection

I’m about to begin querying my GenX novel After December to a small press. I made the decision over the weekend after considering, again, the response I received from an agent last spring. Agent: Nobody wants to read about the 90’s. It’s too recent to be considered historic and too long ago to be considered... Continue Reading →

20th Reunion

The consensus at our 20-year high school reunion seemed to be that none of us really feel like adults. We all feel like we’re adulting, like it’s some kind of game we’re in or role we’ve got. This from a real estate attorney, a police officer, and two people who own their own companies. We... Continue Reading →

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