What’s so special about April 21?

I just finished writing April 2001 in the follow-up book, Before Pittsburgh. Like all time travelers, I’m less concerned with the date and more with the era. What’s it like in 2001? What do we know to be true? What are we looking forward to? What are we blissfully unaware of?

I got invited to participate in an author spotlight. You can see that here.

The questions they asked about me and Brian were great. I’m a GenX writer, I know that much about myself, but sometimes explaining it just makes me a little high. I get indignant and fired up (like the obnoxious post) but I also get nostalgic and bleary-eyed for those great 80s moments and even better 90s moments that I only have photographic evidence of cuz no one remembers the 90s.

Thanks to the Many Books folks for making me their Author of the Day and for sharing After December with the world.

We need GenX now more than ever. Rise up! Remind people to be practical, useful, and reasonable. It’s scary times, folks, less so for the pandemic and more so for the fear mongering, denialism, and tribalism.

OH! The big deal. Riiiggghhhttt….. For today only, After December is just $.99 on Amazon. Haven’t gotten your ebook version yet? What are you waiting for?

I’m also announcing a new launch today. Not on my email list? Sign up here and you’ll get that announcement delivered right to your inbox! There’s a free short story in it for you, too.

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