Book Launch Rookie Ep. 1

So that’s happening …

Got off the phone with the marketing consultant who is helping me plan my book launch and thought, “Just what the fuck have I been doing?”

Truth is, I’ve been building a platform for this writing thing for YEARS. But I never had anything to sell.

Except myself. Which wasn’t enough. Or I didn’t think so.

flight sky earth space
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But I have followers. My beloved tribe who gives a damn what I have to say. They even tune into the radio show at and comment on my Facebook picture changes. Cuz let’s be honest, updating that profile pic is pretty much all my social media suchness.

Me. Me again. Me in a Pride filter. Me ready for football season.

And then I like and share some others’ stuff including the upcoming events for SCWA.

But, really, I’ve just been writing. Writing like crazy. Trying to get better at this thing.

And then we decided to publish After December. Well, we didn’t. Alexa did. My fantastic publisher said, “Can I?”

And I said, “Will you?”

And just like that we’re off and doing this thing. So hang in there, I’m a Book Launch Rookie. Tonight’s #wschat is my way of educating myself. Tune in. Show up. Let’s do this.

Have you launched a book? Leave a comment and tell me about the scarediest moment. Cuz right now everything since the “yes,” form Alexa has been scary.

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