A Commitment Ceremony for More Short Story Writing

With the 2013 Short Story Challenge, I had two goals: Write enough stories to participate in Khara House’s Submit-O-Rama in October Learn to write really good short stories As the count sits now, the first objective was met but the second is doubtful. Here’s the box score: Finished – 16 Accepted – 2 (one to... Continue Reading →


Submit-O-Rama Week 1

I did it. I sent three stories, "First Time," "Packing," and "Daylight." First Time Winkie and Tommy have come to the hillside overlook to lose their virginity. But a derecho sweeps the mountain and derails their plans. Favorite part: Tommy took a deep breath. When he shoved himself inside of her she gasped. Something broke.... Continue Reading →

Let Submit-O-Rama Begin!

I started 2013 with the goal of having enough polished work to really participate in Khara House's October Submit-O-Rama. The rules state three submissions per week, which is 15 pieces (five weeks X three submissions).As you know, the 2013 Short Story Challenge went well and I have 13 stories but only 9 of them are... Continue Reading →

Short Story Challenge Update

All right, short story writers. The first seven months of our Short Story Challenge 2013 have come and gone. The goal was 13 stories completed in 2013. Here’s my count: These stories are “New & Need Edits”: First Time Packing Boston God Called Daylight At the Fair These are the “Old & Revised”: Run or... Continue Reading →

Snowed in Memphis

Certainly the flight attendant had heard all of this before. Ninety three people wouldn’t be getting home tonight, Mr., not just you.She smiled in what appeared to be a sympathetic way and repeated, for the umpteenth time, “Sir, the planes are all grounded. We can offer you a pillow and a blanket but we are... Continue Reading →


Telling this story was a response to Maroon 5's song Daylight. I've changed *most* of the names. But like Anne Lamott says, "Tell your stories. If people wanted you to say nice things about them they should have behaved better." __________________________________________________ I could barely breathe when Tuesday ended. The house had been full of people.... Continue Reading →

Short Story Challenge 2013

Moved this from the NAIWE blog since that one's going to be extinct soon. Here’s the challenge: 13 short stories in 2013 You can call it one-per-month with an extra if you want. I’ll probably pace myself that way. But the rule is a new short story counts toward the 13 but a revision of... Continue Reading →

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