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“Kasie Whitener has emerged as the new voice of the GenX writer.”

— Amazon 5 star review

After December

Tony is dead.

He killed himself Monday night. Three thousand miles away. Brian Listo is going home.

Five days. Four best friends who don’t forgive him. Three women who can’t stand him. Two parents who don’t trust him. One unforgivable sin he can’t hide from anymore.

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Did someone say vampires?

Current work in progress is a GenX vampire who can time travel. Told in a mixed-chronology Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format, Being Blue will rock the vampire genre.

“…readers will be engrossed by Whitener’s skillful characterization. An often engaging, if slightly uneven, novel about the serpentine nature of friendships.”

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“Now Gen Xers have their own voice, speaking through Kasie Whitener’s debut novel, After December.” — Steve Gordy

“Change is hard. Endings are hard, too. And sometimes endings are necessary for new beginnings to take place.” — Jayne Bowers

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